Thonet chairs
Wastberg lightning
Hvid home knitwear
Arco tables

Various objects designed by Jonas Trampedach
Various objects designed by Birgitte Due Madsen
Various antiques from Annette Trampedach


In 2015 Jonas & Annette Trampedach opened a new addition of Atelier September Butik marking a generational change that is led by designer and crafter Jonas Trampedach. The shop features a selection of design, furniture, lightning,
antiques, old posters and more. The space operates as a shop but serves as a showcase of own designs as well.

Atelier September

Gothersgade 30
1123 Copenhagen - DK


We are busy in the workshop why the store and gallery will be open by appointment only. We will house different happenings and pop-ups in the gallery until summertime. If you are interested in our space or have any other inquires, please feel free to reach out to us on below info or take a peek in the gallery and see if we are around.

Thank you,

Jonas & Annette Trampedach
P + 45 27 11 59 69 Jonas - Design and Lighting | instagram
P + 45 26 81 96 02 Annette - Posters and Antiques | instagram